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Inflatable slides are just what they sound like -- gigantic air-filled slides that make a huge impression and will have kids screaming with delight for hours.

Inflatable slides include a climbing lane with helpful grips and/or steps, and one or more sliding lanes. These slides can stand as much as 35' high! The sliding lanes on a slide from any reputable company will include a see-through mesh cover on the top to prevent standing, flipping, and other dangerous activities at that height.

Due to their impressive size and new digital printing technology, slides are some of the most attention-getting inflatables around today. To the right you can see an example of the "King Croc" inflatable slide from Cutting Edge Creations, utilizing digital printing for amazing life-like graphics. Below you can see a more standard inflatable slide and the hugely stunning Kraken slide.

Inflatable slides make a great center piece to any party or event, and just looking at pictures doesn't do them justice. When you see one of these massive inflatables in person you'll understand. Having an inflatable slide at your event will attract attention from everyone in the area and make your event memorable.

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