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Interactive Games

Inflatable interactive games are a great way to bring more structured fun to your event.

Inflatable games are often favored by events catering to older children or adults and are commonly found in carnivals, corporate events, and fun-raising parties. While plenty of interactive games are tailored for younger children, the additional structure of things like rules and competition is often lost on the younger crowd. Whereas teenagers and adults are typically too large to use a bouncer (and they would lose interest quickly) inflatable interactive games are usually designed with them in mind.

Inflatable games probably covers the widest and most disparate category of inflatables, and is really limited only by the imagination of the companies that make them. Some of the common types of interactive inflatable games are:

  • Boxing Ring: complete with huge oversized foam gloves (and headgear)
  • Jousting Ring: like they have in American Gladiators. 2-4 opponents stand on inflated pedestals and try to knock each other off with long foam bars (pictured below)
  • Bungee Run: strap on a bungee cord harness attached to the back of the inflatable and try to place an object as far (horizontally) as you can before being whipped back for a soft landing. A variation has two competitors strapped to each other through an inflatable wall, and they are actually pulling against each other trying to score goals.
  • Climbing Walls: these exist in the non-inflatable variety as well, but the inflatable kind is ideal due to the soft air-cushioned landing for the inevitable falls (which are half the fun, after all).
  • Fly Trap: a classic in which you don a suit of velcro and fling yourself against a velcro inflatable wall to see how high you can stick!
  • Human Foosball: a giant inflatable arena with a grid that keeps players in their position as they try to kick a ball into the goal (pictured below)
  • Defender Dome: going under various names, this is just a huge inflatable arena in which up to 12 players can split into teams and try to score as many goals as possible with small rubber balls while preventing the opposing team from scoring.
  • Inflatable Twister: if you thought it was hard to play this game on a sheet of plastic, imagine playing it on a giant bouncy inflatable!

And this list goes on and on. If you're looking for something to appeal to an older crowd, ask your rental company what kind of inflatable interactive games they have and you'll probably hear about a dozen things you've never thought of before!

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